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Pizza with Salami Mushrooms and Onion

Il Porticciolo

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About us

The culinary proposals range from the classic pizzas to the more refined ones, with always fresh ingredients and doughs with selected flours.
Thin, crunchy and full of flavour, our pizza will win you over. 
The pizzas can be purchased in three formats: 
mini, medium and maxi. 

Pizza Dough
Pizza Making
Pizza with Salami Mushrooms and Onion
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Dalla collaborazione, dalla sinergia e dall'intesa raggiunta con l'Azienda Agricola Minelli: birrificio che racchiude in sè la migliore tradizione unita ad alti standard di innovazione produttiva, oggi Donnadicoppe scommette anche sul prodotto Birra Artigianale. L' Azienda così punta a valorizzare ancora di più il proprio Brand Aziendale "DONNADICOPPE", offrendo al Mercato dei prodotti, Vini e Birre, che promuovono nel mondo l'originalità e l'unicità della SICILIA.

Puoi trovare le quattro tipologie di Birre nel nostro menu.

Our foods

Savor the flavour


Pulled Pork

This novelty on the menu has already become a favorite of our customers. For lunch or dinner, our/our Vegetarian Delight is the dish you were looking for. Don't forget to ask the waiter for our daily specials.

La Divina

A pizza with a fresh and Mediterranean flavour, with a crunchy base and a velvety cream of yellow date tomatoes which contrasts pleasantly with the savory taste of the anchovies and the acidic note of the lime.

The yellow datterini cream is prepared with fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. It is then enriched with a little lime, which gives it a sour and refreshing note.

Mozzarella stracciatella is a fresh and creamy cheese, which goes perfectly with the flavor of yellow datterini tomatoes. Anchovies, on the other hand, give the pizza a strong and savory taste.

Finally, the onion adds a touch of crunchiness and sweetness.

A true feast of Mediterranean flavours

This pizza combines the freshness of vegetables with the strong taste of the sea. The fresh tomato and mozzarella create a creamy and tasty base, while the curly escarole adds a bitter note that goes perfectly with the salted anchovies. The cherry tomatoes complete the pizza with a touch of sweetness and color.

Try La Messinese, and let yourself be won over by its Mediterranean flavour!


Via Cristoforo Colombo, 74, Riposto (CT)



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